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Taui – Egyptian Skin Balm


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Taui is a magical all purpose skin cream that works by the magic of raw beeswax, propolis and olive oil. Just as it was done in Ancient Egypt! Besides its properties as a physical barrier, which improves the absorption of the olive oil in Taui, beeswax, honey and propolis are powerful antimicrobials. And so gentle you can use it on your face every night before bed and wake up to glowing skin. Both delicious and moisturizing for chapped lips, and your entire body after showering for silky smooth skin. Deeply healing for dry or itchy knees and elbows, minor cuts & abrasions, burns, sunburn. Use Taui every day for two weeks and you will see the difference. Also Taui is any natural mother’s best friend, as it’s perfect on stretching belly skin, sore nipples and tender baby bums alike. 2oz glass jar

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