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Hemp clothing, good for your body and the planet.


We Made Your Clothes!

by | May 3, 2022 | Fashion, People | 0 comments

The Sweet Skins Crew

Here we are! (most of us) 🤗
Busy little crew; making clothing for YOU! 🌱
We do the designing, pattern making, cutting, sewing, washing and prepping, customer care and getting your orders out the door and into the mail! You’re welcome! 😘 And Thank You! 🙏🏽
It takes a village to make small business work and especially in the world of fashion; where we’re up again the big factories, cut throat practice and slave labor! 🤪
No thank you!
We do our things with love & life in our hearts! 💕
Thank you for being the world’s best customers! 


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