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love our Super Models

by | Dec 10, 2022 | Creative, Culture, Fashion, Lifestyle, People | 0 comments

One of the coolest parts of my job, is working with the ladies. First of all, most of our models are just women, not super models! But that’s why I think they’re super. I’ve pretty much learned how to smoothly approach women on the street. Or online. We find each other, one way or another. Yes, I am looking for beauty. But not just a pretty face, I am looking for uniqueness and it’s personality. When I have my heart set on a model, it can be hard to convince we settle for someone else.

As life would have it, I meet the most amazing women this way. Idk if it helps that I am a complete spazz on photo-shoot days. Always! So if they get through the time with me, and we end up laughing and acting like kids, and they haven’t judged me.. well that says a lot about being them being a cool person. I guess that kind of breaks the ice. I’m not sure if owning Sweet Skins is the reason that I am blessed with such a plethora of amazing women in my life, but it certainly is part of it. After I’ve done a photo-shoot with a women who I didn’t really know, we kind of do know each other. We inevitable shared some personal stuff, we were vulnerable, (me with my awkwardness, she with the nudity of outfit changes). Forever after, every time I see our pictures, my heart feel warm and fuzzy.. Yes, we’re friends. And if we were already friends, then you found yourself spontaneously modeling for Sweet Skins, well that’s par for course. Thank you; I love you! To know me, is to try stuff on for me, and low-key model for me, from time to time. I really do not select my friends based on beauty; but somehow they are just all beautiful. I am surrounded by beauty. And not the skin deep kind, the inside & out kind! Or connect and make art and make magic, and we bring out each others beauty, or the world just feels like a better place we come together for a photo shoot. 📸


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