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SURRENDER is a strength

by | Aug 15, 2022 | Creative, Lifestyle, Nature, Productivity, Spiritual | 0 comments

I’ve been noticing lately, that most of my greatest successes have happened naturally, rather than the times I have tried really hard for something. In fact, things that I have struggled to achieve, seem to continually be a struggle. And frankly, I’m not trying to manifest anymore struggles into my life at this point. This is not to say I won’t work ‘hard’ anymore, or won’t be ambitious or something.. I will always want and desire and go for things, because that’s just me. I love to strive. But what a difference it makes when we are able to trust a vibe, and know what is for us and what just maybe isn’t..
A lot of people don’t like the word SURRENDER. They associate it with weakness, giving up, surrendering to an enemy. But in it’s highest form, surrendering is one the most powerful things you can do. When we say surrender, it’s not to an enemy or something outside of the self. It’s about surrendering to the Higher Self, to God or Universe. When you stop fighting, trying, exerting, swimming upstream, spinning our wheels is mud, we can begin to receiving messages about what Source actually is trying to Give us. We can open to RECEIVE. In this position of ALLOWING, we begin to flow with the power of the stream of the universe. We actually harness an amazing amount of power. Let go and let God, if you will.. From here, you may realize that that which you’re ‘trying’ to achieve may not even be all that great. Or you may be presented with doors opening and paths to achieve your goal, that your continuous striving mind was way too busy to think up. When a women is in labor, surrender will get her there! When you make a wish, Surrender.. When you are not sure what to do next, surrender.. When what you’re doing isn’t working, Surrender.


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