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2013 shifts

by | Sep 28, 2013 | Fashion, Lifestyle, Productivity | 1 comment

I’m one of those people who thought that 2013 was going to be the shift into some amazing and wonderful new reality. I still do think so, but man it has not been an easy one! Starting the year off with a bran new bouncing baby boy, the love of my life full time and a couple of cute ‘n crazy new step kids (in addition to my own big kids), is one thing. But if you happen to be a crazy inspired fashion designing business woman, there you have a juxtaposition! Never mind, I’ve worked with a baby in tow before. It’s been a while, but it is somewhat like riding a bike. Strap the kiddo on and get to work!


We started by renovation the Sweet Skins retail store. Tore down a few walls, moved everything to the opposite side of the space and built new dressing rooms. Lighting. New back stock shelving. It’s beautiful and feels much more spacious. We love it!

IMG_0078 IMG_0094

Next, we scored a deal on an awesome new studio space. Finally the workspace of my dreams. A place fit for laying out wide bolts of fabric, for doing pattern work without bumping into walls, a corner for my inspiration boards and color charts. and my desk. a play area for the kids. a place for all my gals to gather together and do the work that is ‘making Sweet Skins’!

IMG_1312   IMG_1115

But wait! no sooner had I signed the new lease on the new space, that my home owning landlord sends me an email telling me that she’s selling the place, “ in 30 days!” For real? Is that even legal? Apparently so. Not a moments peace after receiving that news. She had contractors and painters and yard workers over at my place almost every day until we moved. 5 years worth of living, loving, working and raising kids in a home, packed up and out in 30 days, baby in tow. We considered living in the warehouse, like a couple of punk rock kids. But we’re not that anymore. Instead we found a temporary home, small but sunny on the wrong side of the tracks. Just a cheap & simple roof over the head, while we recover from the trauma and dream up a new dream..


This summer of 2013 we have had many bumps and bruises, a few broken bones and a run in with whooping cough. But lucky for me, all the ups and downs have been sweetly sprinkled with so much love and joy. lots of long walks and cozy moments with my guys. first steps of my baby. leisurely homemade brunches. what more is there to want for?

..well, there is fashion; a patient friend of my, who quietly beckons me to come play. Somehow I manage to get a little of this into my busy life. Despite all odds, I am able to keep the organic clothing rolling off the hemp bolts and onto your beautiful bodies! And for this I am giving myself a big pat on the back (instead of a kick on the butt, like I was doing). I have created the opportunity to play with fabrics, design clothing and make them come to life, out of thin air this summer. And I celebrated that fact, along side other amazing local designers at www.eugenefashionweek.com, with a twilight dusted Fashion Shows in the heart of the city. Life is a never ending project. and it IS good!

1 Comment

  1. Kristen Cotter

    You are just amazing and I am so glad to read about all the joy, family and love surrounding you!! Blessings for the new year! XOXO



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